Empire is open every Wednesday evening

UPDATE Due to popular demand, we're opening from Wednesdays…
October 14, 2014/by Dave

Books books books

These days I Google as much as I read books for recipes and method…
November 9, 2012/by Dave

Empire Rainbow

August 21, 2012/by Dave

Pictures of new menu items

June 3, 2012/by Dave

Empire Nights

Hiya. Thursday and Saturday evenings Empire is once again open…
May 23, 2012/by Dave

A busy season!

Empire has had an excellent season - things got insane for a…
January 21, 2012/by Dave

Rogue missile strike at Empire Cafe in Muizenberg

January 5, 2012/by Dave

Empire’s wooden fish is “under construction”

Groundswell Surfboards ! Click here! :D Soon Empire will have…
December 20, 2011/by Dave

Solo to the South Pole. Howard Fairbanks’ amazing journey

Please visit this blog : http://southpolesolohowardfairbank.blogspot.com/   Go…
December 15, 2011/by Dave

New Empire Cafe video!

Hiya. Jar Cafe has shot another video of Empire Cafe. As much…
December 2, 2011/by Dave

Surf * Beer * Food

Every 4-6 weeks we host a movie night. These evenings include…
November 18, 2011/by Dave

Knead Bakery’s Poor Review

Please, please read this and give some facefeedback Clickki…
October 19, 2011/by Dave

Muizenberg Surf WebCam

Did you all know that Cornersurfshop's webcam is mounted on the…
October 19, 2011/by Dave


Here's a video that Jurgen of Jar Cafe shot for a project he's…
July 8, 2011/by Dave


Chilly! Good surf :) Soups are back on the menu, big hearty breakfasts.…
June 13, 2011/by Dave

Fruit Salad.

Fruit salad; a great way to stay healthy and happy in winter.…
May 23, 2011/by Dave


Hello all. I am getting together an exhibition of sorts - mostly…
May 19, 2011/by Dave

Pancakes for breakfast

I am thinking of making filled pancakes for breakfast. I spent…
May 15, 2011/by Dave

Simple tasty breakfast

I enjoy the simple breakfasts more - good colours, clear flavours,…
March 29, 2011/by Dave

Tea Time!

We now serve Lady Bonin's real teas. These are beautiful loose…
March 3, 2011/by Dave


http://www.oatshoes.com So cool - plant these takkies when they're…
February 24, 2011/by Dave

Trek fishermen and their fish

Took a few fun photos on Monday of trek fishing down near Sunrise…
February 16, 2011/by Dave


February 16, 2011/by Jef

Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau

This is one of my favourite cakes of all time - right up there…
February 10, 2011/by Dave

Empire Longboard

It's in the shaping bay. Sexy keel fin on the way. Going to…
February 10, 2011/by Dave

Skate evening

Epic evening last night. I skated to the far end of Lakeside,…
February 10, 2011/by Dave

Empire Cafe HotSpot

Every morning now I'm chilling at work - getting all the latest…
February 8, 2011/by Dave

Empire’s new look

Seriously. Come and see - we've been painting, cleaning, cooking,…
January 21, 2011/by Dave

Organic coffee beans

Yup. It's true. We started buying beans from "Tribe" a.k.a.  Jake…
January 7, 2011/by Dave

Progress and an excellent season :)

So perps... erm, I mean peeps. Empire closed for 6 days (to the…
January 7, 2011/by Dave

Freaking out..

Phew. I'm a little freaked out with all the shopping around,…
November 26, 2010/by Dave


We're in the planning stage right now. New, much better looking…
November 18, 2010/by Dave

Empire Cafe Street View

View Larger Map
June 9, 2010/by Dave

Desserts :-)

May 16, 2010/by Dave

Sticky Ribs

Our rib special has been going great; I'm very pleased! A 500…
May 12, 2010/by Dave

Lamb shank with pine nuts and red wine sauce

May 8, 2010/by Dave

New home made pies on the menu!

We've just lately had great success with a our new pies; fillings…
April 28, 2010/by Dave

Free Internet Access with Meals

Hiya pipples. I've taken advantage of the uncapped offerings…
April 28, 2010/by Dave


It's true. Made myself a simple little burger for lunch at E…
January 21, 2010/by Dave

No more dinner evenings for a while

Hiya. I'm taking a break from serving dinners for a while -…
January 21, 2010/by Dave

Strolling in Grabouw ….

Took a few photos - very beautiful there, very HOT!
January 5, 2010/by Dave
traffic jammde on new year's day

New Year’s Day in Muizenberg

January 1, 2010/by Dave

Chilling in Elgin

mellow sunday after a nice 5k walk on dirt tracks. Lovely. Pity…
November 22, 2009/by Dave


By scientific method I have calculated that this is the vehicle…
November 15, 2009/by Dave

Hollywood comes to town (yet again …)

So they're shooting "Lost Boys III" in my little street today,…
November 11, 2009/by Dave

Ubuntu OS – the Operating system you SHOULD BE USING!

Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu. Seriously - come ask me to show you…
November 9, 2009/by Dave

New toys coming!

I'm almost ready to buy a toaster to make tramezzini and a milkshake…
November 8, 2009/by Dave

I rock.

October 30, 2009/by Dave

Great week so far.

Ah well :-) There's been good surf, a little red wine, some…
October 28, 2009/by Dave


What a laugh! I surfed it down the beach a bit with some friends…
October 5, 2009/by Dave